Greyter Water Systems

By Mark Sales Barrie, Ontario
Clean Water and Sanitation Climate Action Partnership for the Goal

Greyter Water Systems offers industry proven out-of-the-box water reuse management solutions which reduce the water and wastewater demands of commercial and residential buildings. By capturing greywater* and other sources such as rainwater, Greyter Water Systems’ line of out-of-the-box water solutions can supply all the water for a building’s toilet flushing, irrigation and other uses. Their mission is to work hand in hand with builders, developers, engineers and architects, and to instill the belief that reused water is smart water.

*There are three levels of water: 1-White water, which is clean drinking water, 2- Grey water, which is lightly used water from laundry, showers, sinks and baths, and 3- Black water, which is water from your toilet and kitchen sinks.

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